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Category: » Swords - Movie Props » Lord Of The Rings

Mace of Sauron with One Ring

Mace of Sauron with One Ring
This replica of the actor scale prop used in the movie is crafted of reinforced fiberglass-resin with an aged iron finish. Close attention to detail is a top priority in every piece, down to the intaglio-etched surface and corroded metal coloring. The oversized One Ring worn by Sauron is also included, crafted in gold plated solid metal. Displays on a poly stone wall mount (mounting hardware and instructions included).

Strictly Limited to 1500 Pieces Worldwide
Steel Medallion with Serial Number
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
15-1/2" blades; 46-3/8" overall
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Sold Out

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ID: UC3034
Points: 12Product information file at
Total length:117,8 cm
Blade length:39,4 cm
347,00 EUR
Sold Out
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